Code Editor

Phaser Editor 2D is focused mainly on provide design tools. You can code your game using advanced third-party editors.

You can use any coding editor, but we recommend Visual Studio Code. Actually, the projects generated by the IDE are full compatible with that editor and includes the configuration files.

However, we included basic code editors inside Phaser Editor 2D so you can do a quick preview or modification of the code.

These editors are based based in CodeMirror, and have very basic features.

I previous versions of the editor, we included an advanced JavaScript code editor based on the VS Code Monaco library. However, we removed it in v3.35.0 of the editor. We encourage you using advanced editors like VS Code.

Phaser Editor 2D runs on the desktop or in the cloud, and you can find excelent code editors in both environments. Especially, those editors based on Visual Studio Code. Learn how Phaser Editor 2D integrates with Visual Studio Code in the next section.