Compiling animation key constants

You can enable compiling a code file with constant definitions for the animation keys.

For each animation, the compiler will generate a constant declaration. Like this:

Animations constants compiler.

If you have a lot of animations in your game, we recommend using this feature. You can reference animations using constants (and auto-completion) instead of writing the key names “by hand”.

By default, the compiler is disabled. You can enable it in the Compiler Settings section. This section shows when no animation is selected:

Compiler settings.

This a table with the parameters:

  • Generate Code: Enable the code generation.

  • Output Language: Choose between JavaScript and TypeScript.

  • ES Module: If selected, it generates an ES module file.

  • Output Folder: Choose the parent folder for the output file. If you are using a WebPack or similar bundler, you may want to generate the code in a sub-directory of the src folder.

Select the output folder.