Learn Phaser with Phaser Editor 2D

Phaser Editor 2D helps you to make a couple of tasks that could be very tedious to do yourself, manually. However, it requires you to known Phaser and JavaScript programming.

Some users ask us if it is better to learn Phaser first, and then go with the IDE, or if the IDE helps them to learn Phaser.

In the previous version of the IDE, we included a lot of tools to learn Phaser, but in this version, we are providing only the tools for create the games (soon, we should deliver a brand new product dedicated only to learn Phaser).

However, we think the current IDE is a good resource to start learning Phaser:

  • It creates the projects for you and you can start writing Phaser code quickly.

  • The projects are fully compatible with external tools, like Visual Studio Code.

  • Because it helps you on making the scenes, you can create your first level very quickly and get motivated.

  • The scenes are compiled to a clean and readable Phaser code, so you can learn from it too.

  • Practically all the tools in the IDE are based on the Phaser standards, “everything” you learn about the IDE may help you to understand Phaser.

Learn about Phaser