Content viewers

Viewers are elements to show structured data. In the major of the cases, these elements have a text and an icon. The icon could be a regular icon or a thumbnail image, an in-line preview of the element. It is the case of image files, scene files, asset pack elements like atlases, and sprite-sheets.

All viewers share a common set of features:

  • You can zoom in/out the images. Press the Ctrl key and roll the mouse wheel.

  • The viewer can have a tree layout or a grid layout. In the case of the grid layout, if you zoom out enough, it will switch to the tree layout.

  • You can filter the content of the viewer, displaying only the items with a label that matches the text in the search box. If you clean the search box, all items are shown.

  • Both, the grid and tree layout, allow collapsing/expanding the items. With the Space key you collapse/expand the selected item. With the C key you can collapse all the items.

Viewers. Filtering and zooming. Gird layout of the viewer.