Resources filtering

Phaser Editor 2D is the typical web application with a server layer and a client (browser) layer. Because the browser has no direct access to the file of the projects, the editor loads many resources in memory. For this reason, you must keep a low number of files in the project. Usually, HTML5 games need a few files, but you may include the files of third-party tools or the files of the server-side of the game.

When you are running the editor in free-mode, it has a fixed number of files allowed in the project. If you are running the editor in premium-mode, the max number of files allowed per project is 1000. However, if you are working on a huge project, you can change that limit with the -max-number-files flag:

$ PhaserEditor2D -max-number-files 50000

Learn more about the server options

If you cannot change the structure of your project, you can exclude files from the Phaser Editor 2D project by using .skip files. It is similar to how you can exclude files from a Git repository, using .gitignore files.

You can create a .skip file in a folder of the project, and write the file name patterns you want to exclude.

This is an example of a .skip file:

# exclude all node_modules folders in the project.

# exclude a single file in the current directory

# exclude all files in the form @2x.png, @2x.json,...

If the .skip file is empty, then the editor assumes it has a * pattern. It means, it will exclude all the folder’s content. We did it that way for backward compatibility with previous versions of the editor.

In addition to the .skip files you create in each project, you can edit the default-skip file that is placed in the Phaser Editor 2D install directory. The patterns defined in that file will be applied to all projects. By default, it includes the pattens to skip all files starting in a dor (.), all node_modules folders, and all __MACOSX files.

Another way of filtering the files, is using the skip setting of the project configuration file. You can set an array of “skipping rules”, the same used in the .skip file:

// phasereditor2d.config.json

    "skip": ["", "**/*@2x.*"]


We use the doublestart project for pattern matching. Following is a part of the documentation of that project:

Special terms in the patterns:

Special Terms



matches any sequence of non-path-separators


matches any sequence of characters, including path separators


matches any single non-path-separator character


matches any single non-path-separator character against a class of characters (see below)


matches a sequence of characters if one of the comma-separated alternatives matches

Character classes support the following:




matches any single character within the set


matches any single character in the range


matches any single character which does not match the class