Creating Arcade Image and Sprite objects

The simplest way of creating an object with an Arcade physics body is by adding a Phaser.Physics.Arcade.Image or Phaser.Physics.Arcade.Sprite object to the scene. Both types are available in the Arcade section of the Blocks view:

Drop arcade image from blocks view.

When you drop it to the scene, it shows a dialog for selecting a texture:

Select the image's texture. A physics object in the scene.

Arcade game objects are generated in code with the image and sprite factories of the Arcade physics system:

// gorilla
const gorilla = this.physics.add.image(310, 313, "gorilla");
gorilla.body.setOffset(216, 58);
gorilla.body.setSize(186, 365, false);

The Arcade Image and Arcade Sprite game object types provide helper methods for configuring the physics body. However, you can enable an Arcade physics body in any other game object.