The Core scripts project

In the previous section, we covered how to create the ScriptNode class. It is very basic, it is the minimum you need for using the script nodes. For that reason, we created a project with other basic script nodes you can use in your game: the scripts-core project.

It is a project in development. In the way we get more experience making games with the script nodes, we may change it or increment the number of scripts on it.

Following we present you a summary of the project. You can learn more on the project’s site:

There are three groups of scripts: Base, Events, and Actions.

Base scripts

Contains basic/abstract functionality. Often, you will create prefab variants of them (extend them).

  • ScriptNode - the base class for all the scripts.

  • SpriteScriptNode - base prefab for script nodes accessing sprite objects.

  • RootScriptNode - a script node that registers itself into the game object and can be used as a container of other scripts.

Event scripts

These scripts listen to certain events. When the event is emitted, then executes the children, which are actions.

  • OnEventScript - registers to the given eventEmitter and listens to the given eventName event.

  • OnSceneAwakeScript - listens the scene-awake event of the scene.

  • OnPointerDownScript - listens to the pointerdown event of the game object.

Action scripts

Actions are scripts that are executed manually or by other nodes, like events or other actions. This is important, an action script doesn’t execute by itself.

  • CallbackActionScript - executes the given callback expression.

  • StartSceneActionScript - starts the given sceneKey scene.

  • ExecActionScript - executes the given targetAction.

  • EmitEventActionScript - the given eventEmitter emits the given eventName.

  • AlertActionScript - shows the browser’s alert dialog, with the given message.

  • ConsoleLogActionScript - logs the given message to the browser’s console.

  • DestroyActionScript - destroys the game object.